Did you know leading studies show that heartburn symptoms are associated with an overgrowth of the wrong gut bacteria in your digestive system?

This overgrowth can lead to inflammation and weakening of the muscle that keeps the acid in your stomach. And that can lead to heartburn pain as well as a host of other potential digestive health problems.

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How Does ISOVive Prebiotic Nectar Work?

1 Research shows there can be an overgrowth of the wrong bacteria associated with heartburn.
2 ISOVive feeds beneficial bacteria and allows them to thrive.
3 They can overcome unhealthy gut bacteria.
4 And get gut health back to normal.

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Clinical Associate Professor of Medicine and Gastroenterology (retired), Lifetime Honorary Stanford Hospital Medical Staff Member, Stanford Medical School, explains how ISOVive Prebiotic Nectar works to support a healthy gut:

Intestinal bacteria have been with us throughout our human evolution. They are an integral part of the health and stability of our intestinal lining, and as such, play a very important role in our general health and wellbeing. Our gut bacteria need appropriate food to allow them to develop and to make the substances that keep our intestine healthy.

This is what prebiotics like ISOVive do

The reason you need a prebiotic supplement is that our diets have changed dramatically in the last 150 years. Given all the changes in the food we eat, it is not easy to consume a diet that supports our intestinal flora.

Your first prebiotic was in your mother’s breast milk. We were born with the need for prebiotics and should continue to support our bacterial growth throughout life. ISOVive will help you do this.

  • I suffered from acid indigestion for years; started taking ISOVive Prebiotic Nectar and the acid indigestion completely went away.


  • I have a sensitive stomach and frequent acid indigestion. ISOVive keeps my stomach from turning sour.

    CHRIS C.

  • The relief from no longer having constant heartburn every day after trying every other remedy I could find was immense. I’m so glad I found this stuff.


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