A healthy gut can naturally support immune function

The largest part of the immune system is located in the gut. When your healthy gut bacteria are fed naturally fermented ISOVive Prebiotic Nectar, they get the food they need to support a healthy functioning immune system.

How Does ISOVive Prebiotic Nectar Work?

1 We all have bacteria in our gut that perform critical functions so the body can function properly. But those bacteria need to be fed.
2 When your gut bacteria don’t get the prebiotics they need, they can start eating the mucus lining of your colon just to survive. That can lead to leaky gut, a primary source of systemic inflammation.
3 ISOVive adds back a key prebiotic that is missing from the diet.
4 Add ISOVive to your daily routine to boost the core of your immune system. Just ¼ teaspoon a day helps support overall gut health.

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  • I use ISOVive because it makes sense to give your healthy bacteria the food they need to protect you.

    DR. LINDA B.

  • I love ISOVive and have been taking it every day. Wow how much better I feel! I’m no longer getting sick all the time. Since I have been taking it I have not had an issue with colds or flus.

    SUSAN B.

  • I no longer feel distress after every meal.

    KARI F.

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